SmartPrep, Automated Solid Phase Extractor for Cartridges

Automated Solid Phase Extractor for Cartridges
Valmistaja Horizon technology

SmartPrep is the first ever automated, small-footprint extraction system designed specifically for scalable cartridge based SPE of a wide range of contaminants in clean aqueous or organic matrices. SmartPrep combines intelligence, versatility and ease of use, making automated SPE simple and affordable for method developers and sample prep laboratories. Using pre-loaded EPA or custom methods, SmartPrep can apply different methods to each sample or process up to 96 samples of the same method at once in batch mode. SmartPrep offers these additional features:

• Optional automatic rinse of sample containers
• Positive pressure via 6 mL syringe
• Modular and scalable—Up to eight modules from one PC
• Process up to 12 samples sequentially or 8 samples in parallel
• Small footprint—saves bench space
• Collect up to four fractions per sample
• Independent methods can be applied to each sample
• Batch mode sample processing
• Total walk-away automation

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